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Russian Lashes Easy Fanning - Single Length Trays

Russian Lashes Easy Fanning - Single Length Trays

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Easy Fanning Russian Lashes - Single Length Trays

Product Description
Experience the next level of lash application with our Easy Fanning Russian Lashes in Single Length Trays. Perfect for creating a precise and tailored look, these lashes make the art of fan creation effortless and reliable. With a slightly tacky base, these lashes ensure that your beautifully crafted fans won't fall apart when lifted.

Russian Easy Fanning Features

Ease of Use: Effortlessly lift the fan from the root with a gentle pull, thanks to the tacky base.
Single-Length Focus: Available exclusively in single-length trays for targeted and precise application.
Curl Choices: Select from a range of curl types including C, CC, D, and DD.
Foil-Back Strips: Specially designed strips make application smooth and straightforward.
High Quality: Each tray contains 16 strips in your chosen single length, available in a variety of thicknesses.

Product Specifications

  • Single Lengths: Exclusively available in lengths from 8mm to 17mm.
  • Thickness Options: Choose from 0.03, 0.05, or 0.07 in D curl; also available in 0.05 in C Curl.

    Top Tip
    To achieve optimal results, we highly recommend using these lashes with our fine-tip SS-SA Vetus volume tweezers.

    "Step up your lashing game with precision and ease. Order your Easy Fanning Russian Lashes in Single Length Trays today!"

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