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Lash Mapping Pen

Lash Mapping Pen

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A lash mapping pen is a tool used in the eyelash extension industry to help technicians plan and customize the eyelash extension application for individual clients.

  1. Customization: Every client has a unique eye shape and preference for their eyelash look. Lash mapping helps in customizing the design to complement the client's eye shape and desired style.

  2. Planning: It aids the technician in deciding the length, curl, and thickness of the lashes to be applied in different sections of the eye. For instance, some clients might want longer lashes in the middle to give a more open-eye effect, while others might prefer a cat-eye look with longer lashes at the outer corners.

  3. Guidance during Application: Once the mapping is done, it serves as a guide for the technician during the actual application of the lash extensions, ensuring consistency and precision in the final look.

  4. Marking: The pen can be used to make markings or dots on the eyelid or on under-eye gel pads. These markings correspond to where different types or lengths of lashes are to be applied.

  5. Erasable & Safe: The ink used in these pens is usually designed to be easily wiped away and is safe for the skin.

  6. Educative Purpose: For new clients or those unfamiliar with lash extensions, lash mapping can be educational. It provides a visual representation of what they can expect, allowing them to understand the process and set realistic expectations.

Using a lash mapping pen can significantly enhance the precision of the eyelash extension application and ensure a consistent and satisfactory outcome for the client.




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