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Retention Bundle

Retention Bundle

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Retention Bundle - Ultimate Lash Longevity Solution

Product Description
Unlock the secret to amazingly long-lasting lashes with our Retention Bundle. A three-step regimen designed to keep your client's lashes intact and looking fabulous between infill appointments. Whether it's makeup, tears, dirt, or oil—these lashes can take it all.

Key Features

  • Complete System
    A one-stop-shop package that includes Primer, Bonder, and Sealant. These products are curated to work in harmony, ensuring maximum retention and durability.

  • Quick and Efficient
    Each step only takes a few minutes, but the benefits last for weeks.

  • Flexibility
    The bundle enables a flexible bond that improves retention and reduces fumes. Plus, clients can get their lashes wet immediately.


  • Step 1: Prime
    Before application, use a microfiber brush to apply the primer along the lash line. Brush through and allow to dry for a couple of minutes.

  • Step 2: Bonder
    After completing the lash extensions, drop a small amount of bonder onto a non-porous surface like a jade stone. Use a clean microfiber brush to apply to the lash bonds. A tiny amount will do. Allow to air dry or fan dry.

  • Step 3: Sealant
    The sealant can be used immediately after the bonder or sold to clients for at-home maintenance. Simply coat the lashes with a small amount of sealant and let it dry.


  • Reduces fumes and irritations.

  • Allows immediate exposure to water.

  • Creates a flexible bond for improved retention.

"Ready for stunning lashes that last? Your key to incredible retention is just a click away!"




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